Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Trip To Some Waterfalls

Not too far up the mountain is a little piece of Heaven, and we were able to touch it this week. Hopefully, not for the only time.  We drove up the mountain, and then climbed down the trail to the first waterfall.  The trail was cut and there were "steps" for us, but it had rained a lot the day before so the ground was very slippery.  I was just a little bit nervous of sliding off the edge and tumbling onto the rocks below.  Thankfully, we "city gals" had a helping hand when we felt we needed it.  Next time, I am determined to make the descent on my own, even if I must get on my butt and scoot down.

My rock climbing skills are pretty much a thing of the past, so the girls and I stuck to walking along the edges to the waterfall.  However, I was quite envious of our friends as they went up and down the rocks with such ease.

 The waterfall was so peaceful.  I did brave sitting on the rocks and sticking my head into the water as it poured from above.  My ears stung a bit, but that was one of the most amazing massages I have ever had.

Yep, that's me with my head in the water... I may look the fool, but it was amazing!
Kayla would get close, but refused to put her head in.
Poor Tony had to wear Donato the entire time and just watch us enjoy his piece of paradise.  Hopefully, our happiness and amazement brought him joy... YEAH RIGHT!!!

After spending some time at the waterfall, we followed the path of the cows (and carefully watched our steps) down the river to a spot where we could sit and let Donato play.  After failing in his attempts to rearrange the large rocks, he finally settled on throwing pebbles down the river and dunking his head in the water.  And yes, that is his wool cover that Mama allowed him to get wet and dirty... without having a anxiety attack.

There was another waterfall, but I stayed behind with Donato so Tony could go with everyone to enjoy.  Sadly, one of our friends got stung on the foot by an African bee (not sure what he was doing in Costa Rica), and I think that made the remainder of the time painful for her.

Shortly thereafter, we turned around to head back the same way in which we came.  Fortunately, climbing steep hills and paths is much easier than descending them; although, I'm not sure my muscles would agree.  And, of course, our excursion would not have been complete without a snake.  Fret not Mom, someone found it before us and cut his head off so this is just his body.

Yes, that is Tony wayyyyy up the hill.  Now we know where Donato gets his climbing skill from

We were told this snake wasn't venomous

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  1. Wow! What an amazing adventure! I am so glad you guys are diving into the surroundings and culture...a great way to fall in love with a place!