Sunday, April 1, 2012

Night Out with Monito

Last night I finally made it out of the house to have some "adult" time with Baby D.  It was to go see my first ballet.  Well, not actually my first since I've seen The Nutcracker performed by our local ballet company, which I saw with Dear Son Dos now that I think about it, but in my opinion, The Nutcracker didn't really have a lot of ballet in it.  Although, it was still a great performance.

Last night we went to see Romeo and Juliet.  It was an amazing performance.  Dear Daughter Tres has shown me some of the hand movements and what exactly they mean so that was fun being able to follow the storyline (although I already know the story of Romeo and Juliet) and know what the dance interpretations were.  I felt so... what's the word... cultured.  LOL!  I would love for my daughter to be able to go all the way in her ballet and one day join the company so I can go watch her perform.  Till then, I'll just enjoy my little nine year old's living room performances.

Since I am still strictly breastfeeding Baby D, he came with me to the ballet.  I wasn't too worried about him fussing because he never refuses the boobs.  I knew worst case scenario I'd have to nurse him the entire time.  Well, he actually had thought of an even worse scenario than that.  For the first act, he did nurse just fine and then feel asleep for a little bit.  Perfect!  He's resting and I still have a second boob to offer after intermission.

Curtains drop, we all get up to use the restroom, grab some wine, smoke a cigar if that's one's preference, etc.  Now Baby D is awake, but happy... good, we're still not having to deal with a fussy baby.  I grab me some water really quick so I can be ready for round two of Romeo and Juliet breastfeeding.

We head back in and get ready for the performance to begin again, and what does Baby D do????  He decides it's time to play and "talk".  I tried to offer the boob in hopes that he would just latch on and nurse again, but no, it's play time!  Well, at least he wasn't crying and fortunately, I didn't have the usher come up to me and ask me to take him out.  Since he's only 3 mos. his play time didn't last too long, and eventually he was quite content with nursing for the rest of the ballet.

I can't wait to go to my next one!  Probably by then, Baby D can be left at home with his brothers and sisters.

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene

Baby D at his first Ballet