Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Learning Spanish... oh wait, Better Get English Down First

       A part of being in our new land is that I am going to homeschool the girls.  For the past year, I have anticipated this, mostly due to fear that I will not be a proper teacher for them.  Well, those fears were confirmed the other night.

     We had some friends come over so that I could help with their English test coming up.  Speaking English is one thing.  Having to further explain the rules of our complicated language is quite another.  All I have to say is thank goodness for the internet and Google.

     I suppose that another way to look at the experience is that it gave me a heads up that I clearly need to freshen up on some things before the school year begins for the girls.  But how emabarrassing ... or rather, humbling ... was that.

     So far, I know that one of them passed their test.  Hopefully, I will know the results of the other soon.

     While I do not think I helped in the least, it is a tiny bit comforting to know that I did not confuse them so much that they bombed the test ... well, at least one, but I have confidence the other will do just as well.

     Soon, our Spanish lessons will begin.  Hopefully, I prove to be a better student than I was the teacher.

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