Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ants... Spiders... and Wasps... OH MY!!!!

     I am not ready to say that I  "dig" yard work just yet, but it was nice to be productive outside today.  I know it doesn't look like much, but there were a ton of weeds... and I still have a bit to go.  We want to get the beds cleared out so we can plant some vegetables.

     This little area took forever to clear, and I only ran into two ant beds and one wasp nest... or maybe it was one ant bed and two wasp nests since one of the types of ants were as big as the wasps!  Fortunately, I only got bitten by the smaller ants.

     I'm still amazed by all the different colored insects around here.  I mean, doesn't that make them easier for the birds to see so they can eat them more?!!!!  Surprisingly, I didn't see any snakes, but the afternoon rain cut it short, so I suppose there is always tomorrow.

     Oh, and that's Azula in the picture too.  I'm pretty sure she's upset that I am tearing down her nap bed.

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