Friday, August 16, 2013

Has It Really Been a Month Already?

The beginning of August officially marked one month we have been in Costa Rica.  Time flies when you're having fun!!!  I wish I could say we are fully adjusted and feel at home, but we aren't quite there... yet.

I know it has only been one month, but I can honestly say, I do not miss Florida at all.  However, I greatly miss my family and friends, and I especially miss my older kiddos who felt they were too cool to come with us (insert winky face).  On occasion, I will see a picture of the beaches posted online and I'll feel nostalgic, but let's be realistic... bathing suit days are gone for this gal.

Also, I am still trying to get used to not having the varieties of EVERYTHING within an arm's reach.  I hated Walmart and every other corporate chain whatever; but I won't lie, I'm having corporate chain withdraws.  I do not doubt that I will get through this (I have no choice) and carry a more simplistic life with me when I return to the U.S., but some whining will take place before reaching that point.

I am amazed at the reduction in waste we go through here.  In Florida, we had a huge green trashcan to fill up, and it was emptied twice a week.  We didn't necessarily fill that thing up all the time, though apparently, our society has so much waste the trucks have to come through twice a week... I suppose, just in case.

Here we have a metal box that we share with neighbors, and it is emptied once a week.  Even with sharing, we never have that thing full.
Can you guess which one is from back home?

Most houses just have the basket like the one seen here.
I know, why am I writing about our garbage?!!! I guess I am just realizing how wasteful our society is.  Hopefully, that is a thing of the past for me as well.

While we are still adjusting to our new lives, we will just continue to bask in the beauty that surrounds us.

Lovely scenery on a clear day!

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