Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby On Board!!

I have decided that I really need to get me one of the "Baby On Board signs for my soccer mom minivan.

Let me shed some light on why the parents who have these signs are the ones who drive the craziest... They do not have these signs to simply be cute, nor are they attempting to tell you to be cautious on the road while they are taking their "joyride" with their little bundle of joy.  No, they are telling you to stay out of their way and don't do anything stupid, like cut them off, while they are driving with their little one who has been screaming in their ear since they got in the car and every nerve in their body is about to explode!  

I know this now because Baby "D" absolutely despises his car seat and hates actually riding in the car that much more.  This really stinks since I spend so much time driving all the other kids around.  There are some days I'm in the van at least 3 hours, and that's living in a little town where nothing is more than fifteen minutes away.  

The other day I was just trying to get back to work after spending my entire lunch break driving and listening to him scream so much his voice was cracking, when this lady pulls out in front of me and begins driving at least 5 miles below the speed limit.  I honestly felt like ramming into the back of her car (not that I would actually do that, it was just a thought).  

If I actually had one of these "warnings" it would be more like this:

So, the next time you see a mommy, or daddy, driving with their little sign, see it for what it really is... a warning! 

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